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How to Measure a House

If you search online for a book about measuring square footage, the results are almost non-existent. There are no books at the National Association of Realtors®  and no books from the Appraisal Institute; no books from anyone. Why? It's a very good question and the one I asked over a dozen years ago when this project was started. I simply wanted to buy a book to help me learn more about measuring residential square footage, and I couldn't find a single one. I knew there were other real estate agents, appraisers, insurance adjustors, tax assessors, home buyers and sellers, and many others, who wanted more details than they may have been taught in a page and a half of a pre-licensing class from years ago. It's hard to believe in this day and time than there is any subject that doesn't have all sorts of resources to help people learn about the topic. Square footage should be no different. So, after years of research and asking tons of questions, this book was born.
This book is about learning the art of measuring a single-family home (based on the ANSI® measurement standard). The most comprehensive residential square footage guideline available anywhere. Created for real estate professionals or anyone who measures square footage for others. Easy to follow practices and procedures written by a certified appraiser and Realtor®. Measure, calculate, and communicate residential square footage accurately and consistently, protecting yourself and your clients. Make sure you know ALL the Rules of the ANSI®  measurement standard.®. In residential real estate, Size means money...

ANSI® For Real Estate Professionals

Everyone that works in the real estate business knows the ANSI name. However, what do you really know about the "standard?" Learn when, why, and who created this measurement standard and why it is not the only measurement method being used by agents, appraisers, assessors, insurance adjusters, architects, and many others. Discover the power ANSI has over square footage and how square footage controls the "quality" of the real estate and appraisal industries.

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The American Measurement Standard

The American Measurement Standard® is a voluntary standard for the measurement of residential square footage. For those professionals who choose to provide this service, the AMS® helps to promote the public’s trust, as well as offering a consistent, reliable, reproducible, and defensible source for the methodology utilized in the collection and communication of square footage for single-family dwellings. The employment of a written “statement of square footage” is encouraged for the advancement of professionalism and consumer protection, by all those that create and communicate residential square footage data. In this, the information age and the era of technology, it is our sincere hope that the real estate industry will embrace the adoption of a universal measurement standard, mandate it, and educate all professionals about the importance of credible living area data. One industry, one standard.



Low Appraisals - The New Real Estate Crisis

Learn the art of taking a low appraisal and turning it into a closed sale. The rules of appraisal and underwriting have changed and today's broker must understand how to "act" and not "react" to the news of a low appraisal. Discover the steps necessary to keep low appraisals from killing sales.



The Professional's Dictionary of Real Estate Terms: The New Language of Real Estate

Created for agents, appraisers, assessors, adjustors, architects, builders, home buyers and sellers, and anyone else with an interest in real estate terminology that is common throughout the industry. Real estate is an industry which depends on information and communication. Complete listing of real estate terminology including definitions from the American Measurement Standard.


Real Estate Appraisal - Death of an Industry

Discover how and why the residential appraisal industry is quickly fading from view. With as much as 25% of appraisal licensees disappearing from state rosters, the brightest and best are leaving the industry like never before. With a banking industry looking for faster and cheaper appraisals, the appraisal process cannot be computerized and will always require a local expert to interpret and analyze the data. See why the newest dinosaur to become extinct will be the residential appraiser!


Inside the New Appraisal Process: Mortgage Broker Edition

Created Specifically for Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Loan Originators. The textbook for the continuing education program offered through the Coalition of Arizona Appraisers ( A great read for all mortgage brokers to learn more about the ever changing appraisal process.