When it comes to buying and selling real estate, we all want to get a fair deal. Sellers want to be rewarded for all their hard work over years of building their home, and buyers want to get a bargain and expect everything to be in pristine condition. Thus, the negotiations begin. Who sets the price and how do they determine the fair market value? Within this site you can learn all about the almost magical formula "price-per-square-foot. Discover how it should be used and how, much too often, it is abused. Welcome and thanks for visiting.
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Finished Square Footage or Not?

Finished space or not finished space? What does ANSI say? 

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How to Measure a House Book

The most complete book on measuring residential square footage available anywhere.

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Measuring Rooms with Sloped Ceilings

Measuring rooms with sloped ceilings...

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Been appraising for 31 yrs and actually learned alot about Ansi I never knew. Very informative. Thanks again.    -- S. Pierce // Mississippi

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